Bohicon July 2011


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Date(s) of project: Estimated start date of this project is August 8th. This will be an on-going project that will affect people in the city of Bohicon as well as within 9 different village communities surrounding Bohicon.

Brief description of Project:

The funds from this GSP, if approved, will be used as an initial investment to start a Moringa program with my host structure, the CPS of Bohicon. The majority of these funds will be used to purchase a bulk amount of Moringa to start the program at the CPS, saches to sell the Moringa in, and a sache sealer to seal the moringa in the saches. Paper to print labels detailing the benefits and uses of Moringa will be provided by the CPS. The CPS has multiple baby weighings throughout the Bohicon area each month and before the conclusion of each baby weighing, there is a sensibilisation. The goal is to sensibilise everyone in attendance at each baby weighing on Moringa and increase the amount of people in villages and in Bohicon who use Moringa in their weekly cooking routines. With this new Moringa program, we will have the tools necessary to reach this goal. Proceeds from this program will be used to replenish stocks of Moringa and saches. This project will be 100% sustainable and run by the CPS once it is off the ground after the initial Peace Corps support.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24 50 10
Men over 24 50 2
Girls 15-24 50
Boys 15-24 50
Girls under 15 100
Boys under 15 100


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Sache sealer 1 15.000 15.000
Saches 5 packages (200 per pk) 1.000 5.000
Dried and Bottled Moringa 20 1-L bottles 1.500 30.000
Total 50.000

Amount Requested: 50.000

Activity Report

The Goals/Objectives of Project:

The primary goal of this project is to positively impact the number of malnourished children under 5 years old who are nutritionally recuperated by starting our Moringa operation at the local CPS which makes Moringa and information on Moringa more accessible to community members. The secondary goal of this project is to increase the amount of families who use Moringa in their daily preparation of meals, whether they have malnourished children in the household or not. By increasing the number of Moringa users, we are decreasing the amount of current and future cases of malnourished children.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met:

The goals of this project are on schedule to be met but it will take more time to see them fully recognized. We are expecting to be able to begin seeing results by the end of the year.

The Strengths of this Project:

The biggest strength of this project was bringing in a local Moringa cultivator, our supplier, to help with the first set of the sensibilisations during our baby weighings which gave our newly started program credibility and got the participants very excited to begin using the product with their families.

Challenges/Weaknesses of this Project:

The main challenge has been getting the Moringa sell ready. We have been having technical difficulties with printers and labels and that has caused us to launch the project later than expected.

Final Budget:

Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Sache sealer 1 15.000 15.000
Saches 5 packages (200 per pk) 1.000 5.000
Dried and Bottled Moringa 20 1-L bottles 1.500 30.000
Total 50.000

Total Cost: 50.000

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