Bessassi September 2011


Post: Bessassi

Date(s) of project: October 2011-indefinite

Brief description of Project:

Funds are being requested to purchase materials and finance labor required to construct and install a scoreboard at the soccer field that will not only show the score of matches, but also be used to promote gender equality. As there is no continual electricity in Bessassi soccer is the major form of entertainment and undoubtedly there is no other institution that brings the people of Bessassi together as soccer does. Muslims, Christians, the youth, the aged, men and women come in droves to participate and support one another at matches. This large outpour of people has provided a unique opportunity to hold health-related seminars to a diverse, captive audience. I have used matches as a venue to discuss topics ranging from malaria prevention to resources for women subjected to abuse. Yet the question of sustainability of these initiatives has been discussed between the volunteer and the community and it appears that the installation of a scoreboard with the message “Femme est egale a l’homme. Alors donnons droit aux femmes” will reinforce and remind people of the importance of establishing an equal playing field between men and women.

Number of people involved:

# of
# of Service Providers (work partners, Project co-organizers,
technicians, animators, etc.)
Women over 24
Men over 24 9 5
Girls 15-24 1
Boys 15-24
Girls under 15
Boys under 15 46


Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
3m Plank 9 2.000 18.000
Carpenter 1 5.000 5.000
Paint 5 2.000 10.000
Painter 1 10.000 10.000
Total 43.000

Amount Requested: 50.000

Activity Report

The Goals/Objectives of Project:
The goal of this project was to install a scoreboard at Bessassi’s soccer field espousing a message of equality between men and women. The underlying objectives were to stimulate a public discussion of the relationship between men, women, and gender roles as well as to implicate youth in gender and development activities.

Were Those Goals/Objectives Met:
For this project the Football Association of Bessassi (a collective comprised primarily of youth) was mobilized to devise the message to be written on the scoreboard and organize the dedication match. The association chose the phrase “Femme est egale a l’homme. Alors donnons droit aux femmes,” and decided to invite notable community members to speak on gender before the match. Among these speakers was a girl currently in 3eme who placed third in a national track and field competition among CEG students earlier this year. Since the opening match there have been at least three official matches and countless ‘pick-up’ matches where players and spectators alike openly consider the scoreboard’s messages as it applies directly to their life experience. As such both the larger goal of this project and its associated objectives appear to have been met.

Strengths of this Project:
The strengths of this project include the collective drive of the community as headed by the Football Association in fully realizing this project from start to finish, as well as its durability. Now that the scoreboard is installed it is certain that conversations regarding gender and development will continue indefinitely as people consider its message.

Challenges/Weaknesses of this Project:
The most apparent potential weakness lies in the assumption that spectators and players will be literate enough to read the message. This shortcoming is mitigated by the fact that soccer matches are communal events in which all strata of society come together, literate and illiterate alike. This implies that after having the message read to them, those who cannot read it themselves can still partake in the larger, more important goal

Final Budget:

Item Number Unit Cost Total Cost
Wood Plank 9 1.500 13.500
Nails 1 (box) 1.000 1.000
Carpenter 1 6.000 6.000
Paint 5 liters 2.000 10.000
Painter 1 15.000 15.000
Total 45.500

Total Cost: 45.500

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