Beardsworth January 2009

Name: Mariana Beardsworth
Post: Natitingou
Date Submitted:
Contact Information:
Pickup Location: Parakou
Project Description: The world aids day festival will consist of approx 210 students (half female and half male) marching across town with a banner promoting AIDS awareness, gathering community members as they march. The parade will end at one of the local high schools for a comprehensive presentation on HIV-AIDS transmission and prevention (by a member of PSI). Following this, five students will be honored as the winners of an essay contest on why HIV-AIDS education is important to them. During the festivities, a local testing center will provide free confidential HIV tests to all that are interested (last year it was approx. 70 people).
Dates of Project: December 6, 2008
Number of People Involved: 1 PCV volunteers (although 2-3 others are planning to come and assist the day of the event) and the staff of ONG- Benin Education Fund (3 people), and 240 of its students (half girls, half boys). Local officials have been invited and it is expected that about 100 -200 (mixed sex) members of the community will also be in attendance. The event will be organized by the BEF staff (3 local community members and myself) and three other local NGOs (AVOD, CIPEC PNLS, Autre Vie) will be invited to contribute.

Item Number Cost
Amour et Vie Magazine 300 at 35 F each 10,500 CFA
Condoms 1 box (20 cartons) 14,800 CFA
Total 25,300 CFA

Amount Requested: 25,000 CFA

Closing Report

The event was a great success. We had approximately 200-250 or so students gather at the Hopital de Zone and march down the guidrone to the CEG1. We waved signs and chanted songs and slogans, such as “SIDA, hors du Benin, hors de Natitingou, hors de BEF, hors de moi!” Three other Peace Corps volunteers (Rima, Lauren and Alicia) assisted in the event.
CIPEC donated condoms, posters and flyers, which we passed out along route, as well as the Amour et Vie and condoms that were purchased with this grant from PSI for the event. We also passed out AIDS info handouts I created especially for the event.

PSI presented the main education on HIV-AIDS and also showed the film “Epidemie de l’Ombre,” followed by a question and answer session where the students had the chance to present their own questions to a panel of the head consisting of the head of the Atacora-Donga Departmental direction of the Promotion of Tradition Medicine, a member of CIPEC and of PSI. Prior to the event, I travelled to the 6 high schools where our beneficiaries are located and educated them on HIV-AIDS and announced an essay contest on why HIV AIDS education is important to you. At the event, we presented out winners with khaki, cahiers and other prizes. We also had testing available during the event in an adjoining room, (I believe over 50 people were tested, although I need to confirm). At the end of the event, refreshments were provided.


GAD Coordinator Comments: I think this looks like it was a great project, and Mariana has given a thorough summary of the project, the outcome, and a nice tally of participants. She even included two pictures! Recommend funding.

GAD Finance Comments: This looks like it was well organized, included many people and community members, and was very descriptive on the results and those who participated. Recommend Funding.

GAD Specialist Comments: I agree with both of you.

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