Barr December 2008

Name: Nicole Barr
Post: Djougou
Contact: 97956519 / 95094695 or moc.oohay|30rrabelocin#moc.oohay|30rrabelocin
Pickup Location: Parakou
Project Description: This project starts a village savings and loan association among the women weavers at the Espace Tissage Djougou (ETD). This association will promote the importance of saving even on a small scale. We will also discuss various management techniques in the weekly meeting in order to give the women beneficial entrepreneur skills for their future careers as tisserands. There will also be monthly long give outs approved by the group at a small interest rate. The interest will in turn be added to the shares at the same rate.
Number of People Involved: 25

Item Number Cost
Metal Cash Box 1 2,000 CFA
Rubber stamp 1 1,500 CFA
Notebook (50 pages) 15
regale 1
bic 2 1,525 CFA (Total for notebooks, pens, and regale)
Inkpad 1 1,200 CFA
Calculator 1
Padlocks 2 1,600 CFA (Total for calculator and padlocks)

Amount Requested: 7,825 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: Volunteer provided receipts. I am happy to see that PSL 21 Volunteers are starting to use the GAD Small Projects Fund, and I think that village savings and loan activities make great SED projects. However, the project description and budget are not clear, and I would like to see a greater breakdown of the number of people involved by gender and occupation. Otherwise, I think this is a good project. Recommend funding if Nicole can provide more detailed information.

GAD Specialist Comments: I agree with above comments. Also, the PCV might want to use the English equivalent of tisserands (weavers). Recommend funding.

GAD Finance Comments: Good to see PSL 21s using funds. I would like a broader project description, and a MUCH more detailed description of those people involved. Recommend Funding if those can be provided.

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