Bante 2011

Camp Espoir de Demain

Girls’ or Boys’ Camp?: Both, separate and simultaneous

Dates of Camp: June 27 – July 1

Location (town and venue used): Bantè (Maison des Jeunes, CEG1 Bantè)

Participating villages/towns: Okoutaossé, Pira, Lougba, Akpassi, Bantè, Koko, Bobé, Agoua, Gouka, Atokolibé

Size (number of campers): 27 girls, 27 boys (54 total)

Grade Level of Campers: 6e and 5e

Did this Camp use Junior Counselors and/or Tutrices?: Yes, two 1e boys and one 2e girl from Bantè

Overnight or day camp?: Day; having family or friends in Bantè to stay with was a prerequisite for coming to camp

Theme of Camp: Youth empowerment

Partner Organizations and HCN guests (i.e.: This camp partnered with Victory Way for a sexual harassment session and included visits from a sage femme, the mayor, and Director of local CEG):

Partnered with the Bantè mayor’s office. Guest speakers included: CPS workers for sexual harassment, SADEC ONG worker for Moringa, AVOSAH ONG president, CADEF ONG president, 2e adjoint du maire, chef des gendarmes, pastor, communications secretary, tourism worker, university student and cyber owner for the career panels. Mayor of Bantè for the closing ceremony.

Description of activities (Please include main topics discussed):

ice breakers, goals and objectives, study skills, sexual health, nutrition, moringa, HIV/AIDS, first aid, malaria, clean water, communication skills, hygiene, career panel, theater, art, sports, music

Describe successes of project:

The camp went extremely well. The kids learned a lot, had fun, made friends and became more responsible.

Describe any lessons learned through the implementation of project:

Always have backup activities, stay calm, anticipate possible problems and deal with them quickly

Please include any other pertinent logistical information for those attempting to re-create a similar camp:

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