JB June 2008

Project Description: The funding of this project will purchase the materials necessary to successfully implement a girls’ empowerment weekend workshop for 12 middle school girls in village.
Dates of Project: June 20-22
Number of People Involved: 12 middle school girls, 2 girls from Camp GLOW 2007, 2 female role modles, 1 PCV, 4 guest speakers, 1 cyber technician, 1 school principle, 1 village chief

Item Number Cost
Mosquito Nets 13 19.500
Notebooks 15 3.000
Pens 15 1.500
White Fabric 12 Yards 12.000
Transport to Sinende 1 2.500
Sodas 20 5.000
Labor for Guest Speakers 3 6.000
Total 49.500

Amount Requested: 49.500 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: I have spoken with JB about this project and it sounds really good. Recommend funding.

GAD Financial Officer Comments: Because you’ve spoken with her about it, I’ll agree to recommend.. but I would like more detail on what activities are being done. (What is she making with the fabric? Who are the guest speakers?)

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