Azowlisse July 2008

Post: Azowlisse
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: World map for CEG Azowlisse (no previous map present)
Dates of Project: May 19-June 10 (as workers found time, so work was not performed every day)
Number of People Involved: 6 (2 PCVs, 4 Beninese)

Item Number Cost
Brushes 10 4.140
Paint 1 can white, 5 tints 19.000
Paint 1 can extra red 700
Total 23.840

Amount Requested: 23.840 CFA


GAD Coordinator Comments: PCV attached the receipts and they add up. Recommend funding.

GAD Finance: Recommend Funding, if it all adds up!

GAD Specialist: Agree.

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