Azove March 2009


Post: Azove
Date of Project: March 8, 2009

Brief Project Description:

The 2nd Annual Dogbo-Azove International Womans football game was organized to promote girls football and sports, and give the young women playing an oppurtunity to demonstrate their athletic talent. It was also an opportunity, in honor of womens day, to celebrate women.

The highly successful match was well attended by supporters of both Azove and Dogbos teams, and cemented the sustainability of the Azove girls football team. The football match was well publicized, as heard by many on Radio Golf.

Number of People Involved: 1 Volunteer, 3 male coaches (2 from Azove, 1 from Dogbo), 20 Azove football players (girls), 20 Dogbo football players (girls), around 50 supporters in total (mix of woman and men).


Item Number Unit Price Cost
Ball (prizes for teams) 2 1.500 3.000
Candy (prizes for teams) 28 10 280
Renting field for day 1 2.000 2.000
Care of field 1 2.000 2.000
Water for teams during game 40 10 400
Trip for invited team 1 10.000 10.000
Payment for referees 1 7.000 7.000
Photocopies of poster advertising game 30 10 300
Total Cost 24.980

Amount Requested: 24.980 CFA

PCV Feedback: I would make sure through the correct authorities that the field was not reserved by someone else. But it was definitely worth it and I hope it continues after I leave.


GAD Coordinator: Great job. Girls sports are such a good way to empower girls, and to show others that the girls are capable. Recommend funding.
GAD Finance: I am not even sure if I am allowed to comment, but Recommend Funding.

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