Avrankou July 2008

Post: Avrankou
Pick up Location: Cotonou
Project Description: Members of my girls’ club traveled to 3 schools and presented AIDS awareness and sexual responsibility programs to boy and girl students. Our program in each school was the same. We talked for about an hour—myself and the 3 girls. Sometimes professor jumped in to further explain things. But we started off with a short skit about the importance of abstinence among youth. Then we discussed the basics of the AIDS virus. Then we discussed how you can and can’t get it. Then how to protect yourself from it, stressing abstinence. During the sessions, we asked attending students many questions and gave out the small notebooks. At the end we then had them ask questions and we answered them. We then left a worksheet with questions they could optionally fill out, and we picked out two at random of the correct persons’ responses and gave more prizes from my house and extra tee-shirts similar to the ones worn by girls’ club members during the presentations.
Dates of Project: December 2007 – January 2008
Number of People Involved: About 700 students; 10 teachers, 2 NGO staff members

Item Number Cost
Tee-Shirts 10 10.000
Transportation 3 round trips x 3 girls 6.000
Prizes 6 packs of notebooks 6.000
Total 22.000

Amount Requested: 22.000 CFA

Budget Explanation:
1. I paid 1.800 CFA per tee-shirt and I bought 10. I don’t have a receipt—the person who did it for me is Abel near Dantokpa. I have many photos of us presenting in our shirts if you wish to see. I read that we can only do 1.000 CFA per shirt, so that’s why I only listed that. I will pay the rest myself.
2. Transportation: CEG Tchanda (2.000 CFA), CEG Ouanho (2.000 CFA), CEG Djomon (2.000 CFA).
3. Prizes: I bought 2 big packs of workbooks for each school (6 total) to be distributed as prizes for answering questions.


GAD Coordinator Comments: PCV submitted all receipts except for the one for the tee-shirts. I know that she bought the shirts and distributed them to her girls’ club members and in the schools, and I think she deserves some slack for her honesty—most people would have just forged a receipt. This also sounds like an excellent project. Recommend reimbursing.

GAD Finance: Recommend Funding. However, I think that we should have a greater breakdown of the number of people involved, such as trainees versus students, etc. In addition, although I agree that it is ok here that there is no receipt, I believe we should really push the importance of this for the goal of tracking the money distributed from GSP.

GAD Specialist: Agree with both your comments.

Update from the GAD Coordinator: Emailed PCV. She responded with the following information: teachers: ok one school there were a combined classes so two teachers helped out and followed. Another school wasn’t in session so we had 4 or 5 teachers sit in with us and give some further explanations and stuff. The other was just a regular class we interrupted so one teacher and the director and the censor helped out with us. YES IT WAS ALWAYS THE same girls presenting alongside myself, and my NGO was there to follow and help setup and take photos so thats another 2 or 3 folks

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